Darwino DB API

The Darwino database is a NoSQL store for storing JSON documents and related attachments. It is actually a database of JSON documents, and you can attach binary pieces to any document.

Built on top of existing relational databases, it provides the benefits of a mature, well-established technology. Is it fully transactional, and it scales to very large datasets. It also inserts well into the existing infrastructure, leveraging existing processes such as backup procedures and security.

Darwino takes advantage of the latest NoSQL additions, such as native JSON and data sharding.

Another benefit of using relational databases as the groundwork is that you can use any existing tool that can connect to a relational database to access the data. You can use BI tools, reporting tools, or other big-data analysis tools, like IBM Watson, and they will directly understand the database format.

One of the key points of the JSON store is that there is a single implementation that works everywhere: servers (Windows, Linux, OS X, etc…), and mobile devices. The same code runs in both environments. Moreover, these disparate environments can replicate data.

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