Darwino Architecture

Darwino is specifically designed and oriented around the use of Java, on both the server side and the mobile side. As such, your applications are built in pure Java, using POJOs, while deploying the application to multiple platforms is handled by the Darwino platform. Because of this, many of the components that Java developers are accustomed to remain consistent when developing for Darwino, including:

  • The use of a standard RDBMS for data storage (although the Darwino DB JSON Store is much more than a typical RDBMS)
  • LDAP directory authentication and authorization
  • Extendable platform components using standard Java techniques
  • Runs on top of standard JVM Servlet Container
  • Add-in for Eclipse developer studio
  • Maven compatible/compliant, so you can use whatever development tool you choose
  • Write once, run on Web/Mobile/Hybrid, with automatic porting of application to Android and iOS

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