Welcome to Darwino! Darwino is an open platform for rapidly developing social business applications targeting primarily Mobile and the Cloud. Importantly, Darwino allows developers to focus on the application, and not on platform specific issues or wiring to other platforms/data sources. Because of this, Darwino greatly reduces the time needed for you to deliver value to your customers. Darwino's full stack of ready-to-run components and connectors allow you to design applications that run locally on any mobile device, connected to any back-end data source, with next to no platform-specific coding. Finally, Darwino leverages the skills of any Java developer - allowing Java developers to move to build enterprise mobile applications with no additional training.

This developer's guide will help you learn the specifics of Darwino, and to build applications in no time. The following is a high-level overview of Darwino that will get you kick-started.

Darwino Editions

There are two editions of Darwino: The Community Edition and the Enterprise Edition.

  • Darwino Community Edition

    The Darwino Community Edition is designed for non-commercial developers. Compatible with any free database plan or trial plan, it offers a wide range of features:

    • Extensive database support, including a no-charge RDBMS, IBM DB2-C 10.5+, PostgresSQL 9.4+ Open Source, IBM BlueMix, SQLDB, Compose, and Elephant
    • Enterprise Directory support for JNDI LDAP access, IBM BlueMix, and static files
    • IBM Domino Connector with synchronization of up to three NSFs per instance of each Domino server
    • Access to all major releases, with community-based support

    In addition to these features, Darwino will be extending database support to include Oracle Express Edition, SQL Server Express, and more in the near future.

  • Darwino Enterprise Edition

    The Darwino Enterprise Edition is intended for commercial developers and others who depend on periods of intense evaluation as they consider deployment of applications of their own. The Darwino Enterprise Edition includes everything available in the Community Edition as well as:

    • Support for all enterprise RDBMS
    • No limits on the number of database instances
    • Encrypted Mobile SQLite
    • Unlimited Domino connectors
    • Drivers for IBM Connections (on premise and cloud) and VMM (running in IBM WebSphere)
    • Optimized applications with Grunt/Gulp/Bower
    • Access to all releases, including nightly builds
    • Darwino Support

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