The Domino Discussion applications are an example of replicating with a standard Domino NSF-based discussion database.

J2EE Application

The J2EE application is named dwo-demo-dominodisc-j2ee. To run it using a configured Tomcat server inside Eclipse, right-click on the project and choose Run As → Run On Server:

This will launch the app in Tomcat and open up the default landing page for the application.

This application can serve as a central server for replication with the mobile demo apps.

To configure its connection to a Domino server running the Darwino sync service, which is required for proper usage, modify the src/main/webapp/WEB-INF/web.xml file in the dwo-demo-dominodisc-j2ee project.

It connects to PostgreSQL for its local data storage. By default, it uses the port and credentials specified on the [[Preparing the Development Environment]] page. If needed, this can be modified by changing either the src/main/resources/ file in the dwo-demo-commons project (which affects the other demos as well) or by creating a copy of this file named src/main/resources/ in the dwo-demo-dominodisc-j2ee project itself.

Android Application

The Android application is dwo-demo-dominodisc-android-hybrid. To run this app, right-click the project and choose Run As → Android Application:

iOS Application

If you are running on a Mac, you can run the iOS application, which is dwo-demo-dominodisc-moe-hybrid. To do so, right-click on the project and choose one of the Run As → iOS Simulator App options:

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