The News applications are an example of a syncing news-reader app with randomly-generated article content. It contains a J2EE application with two UI examples and which can act as a remote server for its mobile applications. It also includes pairs of examples for both Android and iOS: native UIs and hybrid (HTML-based) UIs.

Installing the news application in Eclipse

The new application is provided by the darwino-demo Github repository as a set of maven enabled projects. To import them in Eclipse once the Git repository has been cloned, select Import...->Existing Maven Projects and choose parent-dwo-demo-news.

The result should be a set of project in your workspace:

J2EE Application

The J2EE application is named dwo-demo-news-j2ee. To run it using a configured Tomcat server inside Eclipse, right-click on the project and choose Run As → Run On Server:

This will launch the app in Tomcat and open up the default landing page for the application. In addition to the default JSF-based UI, there is also an Angular-based UI, which is shared with the hybrid mobile applications.

This application can serve as a central server for replication with the mobile demo apps.

It connects to PostgreSQL for its data storage. By default, it uses the port and credentials specified on the [[Preparing the Development Environment]] page. If needed, this can be modified by changing either the src/main/resources/ file in the dwo-demo-commons project (which affects the other demos as well) or by creating a copy of this file named src/main/resources/ in the dwo-demo-news-j2ee project itself.

Android Applications

The two Android applications are dwo-demo-news-android-hybrid and dwo-demo-news-android-native. To run either of these apps, right-click the project and choose Run As → Android Application:

iOS Applications

If you are running on a Mac, you can run the iOS applications, which are dwo-demo-news-moe-native and dwo-demo-news-moe-hybrid. To do so, right-click on the project and choose one of the Run As → iOS Simulator App options:

Connecting to the J2EE App from Mobile

To connect to a running instance of the J2EE application from either the Android or iOS applications, modify the connection settings in the src/main/resources/predefined_connections_default.json file in the dwo-demo-commons-mobile project, replacing {0} with the base URL of your Tomcat server in the first settings block. For example, where the Tomcat server is "" and running on port 8081:

    "enabled": true,
    "local": false,
    "name": "Local Server -",
    "url": "",
    "userId": "amass",
    "password": "floflo",
    "dn": "cn=al mass,o=triloggroup",
    "cn": "Al Mass"

These settings can also be modified from within the mobile applications when running by going to the settings for the app, which is available by tapping "Settings" in the bottom-right corner of the iOS native app and in the top-right drop-down menu otherwise:

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